Latest Little Moments

This Shabbat:

1. Abba: Sari, we don’t color on Shabbat

Sari: אבל אני לא שומרת שבת

2. Sari: Mommy, when can I get a חולצת בטן?

(Mommy: when you are 18)

3. We walked to Mutti for lunch.

Tamar walked almost the whole way while eating a plum.

At one point Tamar stopped and concentrated on eating her plum rather than walking.

Mommy: Tamar, let’s continue walking.

Tamar gives a “רגע” signal with here hand and says “wait”

4. At Mutti’s house, Sari put her shrug on backward and created her own tummy top.

You know it, she was very pleased with the look!

5. Sari is making her first attempts at real reading!

She read 2 lines of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Way to go Sari!!!



This morning at breakfast, after Sari had climbed into parents’ bed at night:

Mommy: So, did anyone have any interesting dreams last night?

Sari: I don’t know, I can’t hear them…