Weekly Update

Tamar is talking in full sentences. She is so proud of herself. This.morning when I woke up she was at breakfast and announced, “mommy, i eat pancake”. (it was a waffle.)
Tamar has started walking up steps by herself. Can manage one step down but more is still hard and there is possibility of a tumble.
This week we sat at breakfast on the morning of yom hashoah. We spoke with Sari about the day – white shirt, the siren and that she would be with the gan. Then she asked, גם תמר הולכת לשואה היום?

Tamar, upon seeing a pile of chocolate balls at Sari’s gan: I need cake. Classic Tamar!
In general Tamar has started favoring the word “need”.

One late morning at the Suissa recidence.

The girls with their cool Adidas sandles. Inspired by Auntie Ali.


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