Latest Little Moments

This Shabbat:

1. Abba: Sari, we don’t color on Shabbat

Sari: אבל אני לא שומרת שבת

2. Sari: Mommy, when can I get a חולצת בטן?

(Mommy: when you are 18)

3. We walked to Mutti for lunch.

Tamar walked almost the whole way while eating a plum.

At one point Tamar stopped and concentrated on eating her plum rather than walking.

Mommy: Tamar, let’s continue walking.

Tamar gives a “רגע” signal with here hand and says “wait”

4. At Mutti’s house, Sari put her shrug on backward and created her own tummy top.

You know it, she was very pleased with the look!

5. Sari is making her first attempts at real reading!

She read 2 lines of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Way to go Sari!!!


This morning at breakfast, after Sari had climbed into parents’ bed at night:

Mommy: So, did anyone have any interesting dreams last night?

Sari: I don’t know, I can’t hear them…

Yom HaAtzmaut 2014

This year Yom HaAtzmaut was a little slow on account of my little broken foot bone.

We started the morning with pancakes, made by Yaron of course.

After that we continued to outside activities.

First stop – Givat Ram to watch the Air Force matas.

While waiting for the airplanes, the girls enjoyed playing soccer with their Abba while Mommy enjoyed taking photos of the lovely family.


20140506_110840 20140506_110708 20140506_110453 20140506_110331 20140506_110239 20140506_110213 20140506_114907 20140506_112536


Here come the planes! (airplane photos courtesy of Sari)

20140506_114735 20140506_113547 20140506_111823


And some horsing around:

20140506_111225 20140506_111229 20140506_111232


And also some selfies of Mommy with Tamtam. We love to take selfies together!

20140506_112038 20140506_112028

Following the energy expenditure we continued on for a bite to eat – Falafel, of course!!

Following some chocolate, stains of which are a bit noticeable around Tanar’s mouth.



From there to the park.


And then of course, one must make sure to keep the holiday observantly and have at least 1 “al ha-esh” which we did at the Suissa family. Sabba, Savta & Daniel made it back from Eilat in time to join us, Liat, Ariel and Rina. Unfortunately, no photos…

A great day was had by all!

Weekly Update

Tamar is talking in full sentences. She is so proud of herself. This.morning when I woke up she was at breakfast and announced, “mommy, i eat pancake”. (it was a waffle.)
Tamar has started walking up steps by herself. Can manage one step down but more is still hard and there is possibility of a tumble.
This week we sat at breakfast on the morning of yom hashoah. We spoke with Sari about the day – white shirt, the siren and that she would be with the gan. Then she asked, גם תמר הולכת לשואה היום?

Tamar, upon seeing a pile of chocolate balls at Sari’s gan: I need cake. Classic Tamar!
In general Tamar has started favoring the word “need”.

One late morning at the Suissa recidence.

The girls with their cool Adidas sandles. Inspired by Auntie Ali.